It is with much sadness that we have to inform you of the death of Joe Standen. Joe was Assistant Secretary and a member of the Newham Teachers Association committee for many years. Joe’s wife and children are in our thoughts.
Further details to follow.

Local union elections 2017 for union positions in 2018

Here is the finalised election 2017 Checklist with the union positions available, Icon for checklist. Show pen and checklist on desk.along with the candidates names. These names and positions will appear on the ballot paper.

The Electoral Reform Services will distribute ballot papers to members home addresses from Wednesday 1st November 2017 with a deadline for return to their office by noon Tuesday 5th December 2017.

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List of candidates names
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National Education Union, NUT Section, Newham.

On 1 September the National Union of Teachers (NUT) amalgamated with the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) to form the National Education Union (NEU).

The National Education Union brings together 450,000 teachers, lecturers, support staff and leaders across the UK, to form the largest education union in Europe.

As Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary, says: “The National Education Union gives us a powerful voice to stand up for students, our members and education to make a real and profound difference from the off.”

Locally, you will also see a change to the appearance of material you receive from Newham Teachers’ Association – The association is now known as National Education Union, NUT Section, Newham.

School Funding – Latest News

Newham Teachers’ Association has just provided the NEU (NUT Section) with the latest figures showing the cuts to funding which our local schools are facing.

The figures are available to you in our spreadsheet which is available on the link below:

Funding cuts spreadsheet
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The School Cuts website is at!/

That website is undergoing revision but is still available to view.

Newham Teachers’ Association has a School Cuts Working Party which meets regularly to build a local campaign against the cuts faced by Newham’s schools.

"Invest, don't cut", logo

School cuts briefing from NUT

Message from Kevin Courtney to Robin Wales & Quintin Peppiatt
10 March 2017 16:09

Dear Robin and Quintin,

As you know school funding is in crisis. The Government is pushing through ill-thought out plans to introduce a National Funding Formula for schools without putting in the additional funding that is desperately needed. At the same time schools are having to contend with real terms cuts to per-pupil funding, while local authorities suffer from major cuts to the Education Services Grant and other swingeing cuts to town hall budgets.

Attached to this email is important new information about the financial situation of your schools. This information is available through the COLLECT system from the Department for Education. We have permission to share this information because we are not disclosing any pupil census data.

In addition to the data showing the scale of budget cuts over the course of this Parliament, please also find attached information about the funding floor. This has not been available previously and affects 73 schools in Newham.

The best of luck with your efforts to secure additional funds for schools in Newham. If there is anything the NUT can do to support that work please let me know. I have copied in our local NUT secretary.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Courtney
NUT General Secretary

Council Leaders Briefing
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All Newham School Budgets Cuts
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The Impact of a 3% Floor
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NUT Advice Completing  Schools National Funding Formula Consultation Form. (Read, then complete survey by following link below.)
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Complete survey form by 22nd March 2017.

NUT School Budget Cuts Power Point Presentation
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Response Submitted to Schools National Funding Formula – Stage 2, by Peter Smith, Secretary Newham Teachers’ Association
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President’s address NTA AGM 07/02/2017

Firstly I would like to express thanks to Amy for her term as president and the introduction of a code of conduct for officers and committee members. I propose that this is continued throughout my term of office.

I approach this year with anticipation, interest and trepidation.

Anticipation: We have new officers who have promised much in their election statements. I will be interested to see this in practice and hope that it will mean an improvement in attendance at both Officers and Committee meetings. It will make a change for especially Committee meetings to be quorate and I would expect the courtesy of members of these to send apologies if they are unable to attend.

I also hope that the NTA Schools Refugee Competition will be taken up by more schools this year and actively promoted by all officers and committee members.
[details available on our website]:

Interest: The planned merger of the NUT with ATL to form a new Teaching Union, dependant on the ballot result, is to be welcomed. Merging can only bring increased strength, although it is unlikely that NASUWT will join us. It means a period of change and reconstituting as a new union, this will inevitably have repercussions on local divisions and the NTA will have to adapt accordingly to new rules and constitution.

Trepidation: Following the surprise results of the Brexit vote and the election of Trump both of which have led to an increase in racist incidents are of particular concern. Trump’s administration is all about division and blame with his tweet first and occasionally think later attitude. He seems bent on marginalising more people by his bullying attitude. It seems unlikely that the flow of refugees will cease resulting in many more drowning thanks to unscrupulous traffickers using unfit boats and fake life-vests. I cannot begin to comprehend how harrowing it is to see bodies washed up along otherwise beautiful coastlines or to understand the trauma experienced by the refugees who do survive.

The major concern for schools is the inexorable increase in academisation and the proposed funding cuts under the new formula. This will result in huge job losses initially for support staff who do such a vital job in helping to support some of our most vulnerable children. Class sizes will rise inevitably and workload increase even further. It all appears to be a cynical attempt to reduce the aspirations and life chances of poorer children and keep tertiary education for the rich. Even the proposed increase in apprenticeships is to be funded by those establishments with 250+ employees. Again, sound bites without government financial backing. I read last week that even school governors in West Sussex were “going on strike” and refusing to sanction budget cuts in their schools as a protest against F40.

We really need parents on our side in this fight against the government so the more they can be fully informed the better. I urge all members to go to to see the implication of the proposed cuts on their schools.

I appreciate that in the general scheme of things it is not always easy for members to attend union meetings but you can stay up to date by accessing our website.

Peg Probett
NTA President 2017

NTA Newsletter

NEWSLETTER Vector Letters Icon. Blue.Government funding cuts are hitting schools
98.5% of schools face huge cuts that will harm education


Do your bit to support the NUT in the fight. We want everyone to:

  • e-mail their MP through
  • organise a meeting for parents in your school
  • join a local lobby of your MP’s surgery
  • join local street stalls on Saturday 25th February
  • look out for more details

NTA Newsletter now published. Read more about the headlines above…plus news about:

  • Update: Primary Assessment
  • Update: Workload
  • Vote YES to a new union

Newham Teachers’ Association Newsletter
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NTA Elections for Officers & Committee 2017-8

NTA Officers and Delegates are elected annually.

Officers and Delegates combine to form the NTA Committee.

The next NTA election will decide who holds positions as an Officer or Delegate for the association’s year February 2017 to February 2018.

This is your chance to stand for office or nominate someone.

The details relating to the elections can be downloaded from this post.

Letter outlining process
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Nomination papers
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Timetable for election
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