End the Pay Cap leaflets distributed

Keith Turner and Miriam Scharf ( Life Members) distributed several hundred End the Pay Cap leaflets to travellers at Stratford tube station on 13/10/2017 to publicise Tuesday’s Pay demo.

The aim was to brief the public on the TUC / NEU “End the Pay Cap” demonstration & rally on 17/10/2017

Thanks to Miriam and Keith for all their work.

Please support the End the Pay Cap event on 17/10/2017.

Assemble 17h30 opposite Downing Street
March, via Department of Health, Treasury & Department of Education, to TUC rally outside Parliament.

Leave school together for Downing St. – or join later outside Parliament.

Slide from NEU Powerpoint presentation with the words "Pile on the pressure to scrap the cap".

Distribution of Leaflets 13/10/2017

It is important to draw public attention to the End the Pay Cap Protest which will happen on 17/10/2017

We will be leafleting the public on 13/10/2017 in advance of the London Demonstration and Rally to bring about the end of the government’s pay cap.

The leafleting will be 5-6pm outside Stratford Station main entrance at bottom of steps to Westfield.

Volunteers to help with the leafleting can contact Miriam Scharf on 07950468226. Your help will be welcomed.

Date change: London Pay Demonstration now 17/10/2017

Important news:

The date for the London pay demonstration and rally has been MOVED FROM THURSDAY 12 OCTOBER to TUESDAY 17 OCTOBER.

The reason for the date change is that, at the same time as we have been planning our demonstration, the TUC nationally had also been developing plans for a national Lobby of Parliament around the same issues for the following week.

The organisers of the London Pay Demonstration have agreed that, rather than try and build two events in successive weeks, we should join forces with the TUC to send a powerful and united message to the government to scrap the pay cap and that we deserve a pay rise.

With unions working together regionally and nationally to build the day, this can be a significant event that can help add to the pressure that is clearly now building on the Government.

Further details and a new leaflet will be sent out as soon as possible but we hope it will be a similar route and start-time, allowing school staff and others to attend the rally after work and to be joined by those who have also travelled to London to attend the TUC Lobby that is being held during the day on Tuesday 17 October.

Teachers’ Pay Petition

Important message from Kiri Tunks, NUT Vice-President:

“The announcement by the govenment of yet another inadequate pay award is an insult to teachers everywhere and one we will need to build a coordinated response to.
In the meantime, we have started a petition demanding the government rescinds the decision and makes a properly funded pay offer. Please sign and share widely to help build momentum behind any action we decide to take.”


NTA Secretary, Peter Smith, has already signed and requests members to do the same.

Public Sector Pay – Petition

Going to Work banner, from the TUC.

Message received from TUC campaign activist:

I’m a firefighter, based in Plymouth and the government has been holding down my pay for 7 years. They’ve done the same to my colleagues and to everyone who works in the public sector.

That’s 7 years in which our pay has risen by less than inflation, or by nothing at all. But prices haven’t stopped rising in that time, and inflation means my wages are worth over £2,000 less than they were when the coalition government started in 2010.
Can you help by signing my petition?

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‘Britain Still Needs A Pay Rise’ – Rally

This rally has just been announced after discussion amongst public sector unions about co-ordinating campaigning over public sector pay.
The time of the rally has been announced as Monday 17 July, 5.30pm – 7pm and is likely to be in Parliament Square although that is to be confirmed.