Greater London Pay Campaign Meeting 30/06/2018

Message from NEU London Region:

Poster for NEU Greater London Pay Campaign Meeting on 30/06/2018. Words stating title of meeting, plus date 30/6/2018, plus time 10h30, plus location NUT HQ.

On 30 June, we are all meeting together to discuss the results of the survey and plan our Greater London Pay campaign.
RSVP today and say you will join us at the NEU HQ, Hamilton House, (nr. Kings X/ Euston).
Please share this event flyer with other colleagues at your school and teacher friends you have working in London.

Yours sincerely
Martin Powell-Davies
London Regional Secretary
London National Education Union (NUT Section)

Greater London Pay Campaign Meeting Flyer
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NPC and Social Care Funding

Message from National Pensioners Convention:

National Pensioners Convention LogoHere are two lots of presentational slides from a recent LGA conference on social care funding.

The first is from the Kings Fund and is quite useful in as much as it lists the number of reports that successive governments have published on the issue in the last 20 years:

The second is a very simple explanation of how unfair the funding arrangements are between those with something like cancer, and those with dementia:

LGA Conference Leaflet 1
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LGA Conference Leaflet 2
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Greater London Pay Campaign

Message from Martin Powell-Davies
Regional Secretary- London
National Education Union (NUT Section)

NEU Logo. Black letters stating National Education Union plus pale blue polygons radiating out from centre. All on white background. Alongside NUT logo with white letters on dark blue background.Teachers across the capital have faced years of pay cuts and cost of living rises.
We want to hear from you about the impact that years of pay cuts have had on you

Once you have completed this survey, please share with colleagues and teacher friends across London.
We will be will be discussing the results of this survey and the launch of our Greater London Pay Campaign, and we want you to be a part of it.

Join us on Saturday 30 June, 10am-1pm at
NEU HQ, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, (nr. Kings X/ Euston)

Click here for event flyer.

Look forward to seeing you on 30 June
Martin Powell-Davies
Regional Secretary- London National Education Union (NUT Section)

End the Pay Cap leaflets distributed

Keith Turner and Miriam Scharf ( Life Members) distributed several hundred End the Pay Cap leaflets to travellers at Stratford tube station on 13/10/2017 to publicise Tuesday’s Pay demo.

The aim was to brief the public on the TUC / NEU “End the Pay Cap” demonstration & rally on 17/10/2017

Thanks to Miriam and Keith for all their work.

Please support the End the Pay Cap event on 17/10/2017.

Assemble 17h30 opposite Downing Street
March, via Department of Health, Treasury & Department of Education, to TUC rally outside Parliament.

Leave school together for Downing St. – or join later outside Parliament.

Slide from NEU Powerpoint presentation with the words "Pile on the pressure to scrap the cap".

Distribution of Leaflets 13/10/2017

It is important to draw public attention to the End the Pay Cap Protest which will happen on 17/10/2017

We will be leafleting the public on 13/10/2017 in advance of the London Demonstration and Rally to bring about the end of the government’s pay cap.

The leafleting will be 5-6pm outside Stratford Station main entrance at bottom of steps to Westfield.

Volunteers to help with the leafleting can contact Miriam Scharf on 07950468226. Your help will be welcomed.