Challenge hostile environment data sharing

Message received from NEU:

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The National Education Union (NEU) is partnering with Liberty in its campaign to stop the Department for Education passing pupil data to the Home Office, without the knowledge of pupils and parents, for immigration control.

Although the NEU’s campaign to stop nationality and country of birth data being collected from parents as part of the school census was successful, other pupil and family data is still being disclosed.

Parents provide this information to schools without being told it may be passed on. The NEU believes that this secret data sharing undermines the relationship of trust between members, pupils and families. Fear that school data may be passed on means some children are kept at home and are unable to access their internationally recognised right to education.

The NEU has signed a pledge demanding that the Government commits to a firewall – a guarantee that personal data will not be shared with the Home Office for immigration control purposes.

CARE, DON’T SHARE – add your pledge today.

Yours sincerely,

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Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union

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Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary
National Education Union

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Teaching the Civil Rights Movement Seminar

From NEU eBulletin

Teaching the Civil Rights Movement Seminar

24-26 July  9.00-17.00
Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

How do individuals and groups in a democracy organise to correct injustice? Join Facing History and Ourselves for a two-and-a-half-day seminar that will use the desegregation of Central High School in 1957 as a case study to explore the US Civil Rights Movement, positioning members to help their students understand how change happens in a democratic society. This seminar explores the teaching of US civil rights and race relations in Key Stage 4, highlighting Choices in Little Rock – the desegregation of Central High School in 1957, a defining moment in the American civil rights movement. Click here for more information, including how to register

Free Iranian Teacher Trade Unionist

Free Iranian Teacher Trade Unionist on Hunger Strike

Amnesty International has launched an online appeal calling on the Iranian authorities to release Esmail Abdi. Abdi is a maths teacher and trade unionist who was arrested in 2015 while trying to attend Education International’s World Congress and, after an unfair trial, sentenced to six years in prison. Since 24 April, Abdi has been on hunger strike in protest of the Iranian authorities’ crackdown on trade unionists and his treatment in prison. Support AI’s appeal here.

Resource to Support Teaching Migration in Schools

The Runnymede Trust has developed a website presenting the often untold stories of the generations of migrants to the UK and celebrating the richness of contributions made, and lives lived, by Britain’s many migrant groups.
It is primarily designed to support teachers and students studying migration to Britain. There are classroom activities, lesson plans and lesson activities.

From NEU Officers’ eBulletin

Care4Calais Report

Message from local member Andy Brown of Care4Calais:

A group of volunteers went from Newham and Redbridge to work at Care4Calais last week. Attached please find a diary of our week, to let you know how things are and to show the wide range of activities in a typical Care4Calais week.

This time, thanks to your support, we were able to take £500 worth of new jackets (reversible fleeces and waterproofs). We also took 400 euros, which was used to supply material in the warehouse and fuel for the vehicles for the whole week. Thanks to all who donated goods or money, bought T shirts and badges etc. A particular shout out this time to local members of the Society of the Sacred Heart, who have arranged for a separate £1000 donation to Care4Calais from their ministry fund.

We are sending two cars to Calais with volunteers to work at Care4Calais on Saturday April 28th for the day. One will leave at 5am and the other at 6am, returning by 10pm. We have some spare seats at the moment. If you’d like to come, please email back. Donations also welcome, especially of money. The idea that day is to distribute 750 specially made packs containing clothes, toiletries and food.

Thanks, as always, for your interest and support.


Diary of Week / Report
View / Download [▼]

NEU Press release: PARENTS WIN first step towards Judicial Review

PARENTS WIN first step towards Judicial Review challenging academisation at Avenue School, Newham

Court 27 of the Royal Courts of Justice was packed full this morning with parents and striking staff from Avenue School in Newham to hear the legal case being made by David Wolfe QC on behalf of a parent seeking to challenge the lack of meaningful consultation over the proposed transfer to academy status being considered by the school’s Governing Body.
Parents left smiling and cheering after Judge Wall gave them interim relief to proceed towards the permission stage.

The National Education Union understands that this important first step suggests that:

• The judge recognises the strength of the case being out forward by the parent;
• The Funding Agreement that was apparently due to be signed imminently is now on hold;
• The Governing Body meeting on Thursday March 29th can no longer vote to proceed to academy transfer.

Martin Powell Davies, London Regional Secretary, National Education Union, said:

“Today’s decision is an important step towards making sure that Governors do not impose their academisation plans against the wishes of the local community that they are supposed to represent.

“Parents, staff and the NEU will now be keeping up the pressure on Governors at Avenue School to withdraw its damaging plans and work with us to keep it as a thriving community school, in the best interests of children’s education”

Martin Powell Davies, London Regional Secretary, National Education Union @NUTLondonOffice 07876835179