NPC and Social Care Funding

Message from National Pensioners Convention:

National Pensioners Convention LogoHere are two lots of presentational slides from a recent LGA conference on social care funding.

The first is from the Kings Fund and is quite useful in as much as it lists the number of reports that successive governments have published on the issue in the last 20 years:

The second is a very simple explanation of how unfair the funding arrangements are between those with something like cancer, and those with dementia:

LGA Conference Leaflet 1
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LGA Conference Leaflet 2
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Blackpool: Pensioners Parliament. 12-14th June 2018

Message from National Pensioners Convention:

The booking forms for the 2018 PP are now available from the NPC office, and tickets cost £10 or £5 for just the 12th June. We are looking to increase the numbers attending in 2018, so please consider your group or Branch ‘sponsoring’ a delegate who is interested in attending, perhaps for the first time. Train tickets are now available and it’s advisable to check for suitable times/ route as some trains go straight through to Blackpool. For your information the NPC has set up a year long review of the Pensioners’ Parliament, which will report at the March 2019 BDC. So feel free to comment, further details to be sent out.

NPC c/o Marchmont Community Centre,
62 Marchmont Street,
London WC1N 1AB

New telephone number 0207-837 6622 email web site

National pensioners Convention: 10th Anniversary of the Bus Pass

Message from Barry Todman (NPC London Region)

Dear All,

Please note that 28 March is the 10th Anniversary of the Bus Pass (actually April 1st)

Please encourage people to turn out in support on the 28th at 1430 for 1500 at Downing Street, when the six petitioners, led by NPC President Ron Douglas, plus any MPs we can get in support, will deliver the birthday cards.

Those of you who have contacts with local, regional and national press and broadcast media are also encouraged to get in touch with them so that awareness is maximised.


PS hope to see many of you at the AGM on Thursday

Please see below for other briefings:

LR NPC Data protection document
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Spring Statement Briefing March 2018
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Assessing the cost of social care briefing paper
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NPC London Region Info Bulletin March 2018

The London Region of the National Pensioners Convention issues a regular information bulletin which we feature on our website.

Information Bulletin March 2018 has been published.

Information Bulletin March 2018
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The bulletins are always available on our “Retired Teachers” webpage.

The minutes of the February Committee Meeting of NPC LR have been published.

Minutes NPC LR February 2018
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The minutes of NPC LR are always available on our “Retired Teachers” webpage.