Kevin Courtney’s Message To NUT Conference

Kevin Courtney, NUT General Secretary
Address to NUT Annual Conference

The NUT’s campaigns will be given publicity during the pre-election period. The NUT will work with the ATL to ensure that teachers’ concerns are addressed.
Colleagues are urged to question all candidates for election under the Pre-Election Campaign title:

“Vote for Education”

Parents and teachers need to know what they are voting for.

Topics covered in the video include:
Funding – Opposition to School Cuts
Opposition to a Selective System
Teacher recruitment and retention
Oversized classes
Loss of subject choices
Children’s mental health
Teacher workload
Lesson planning
Ofsted myths
Work-life balance
Primary assessment
Exam factories
Child poverty
Social deprivation
Privatisation in the education system
National pay and conditions

Amalgamation ballot now underway

The member ballot on the proposed amalgamation of the NUT and the ATL begins this week.

If you hold a school group meeting either jointly with your ATL colleagues or as an NUT group on workload please also discuss the proposed amalgamation.

Resources are on the NUT website

The NUT will be operating a ballot hotline from 1 to 15 March for members who have lost or mislaid their ballot papers.

Members can ‘phone the hotline on 020 7380 6300 from 9am to 5pm during this period.

Only voting papers returned by 5pm on Tuesday, 22 March will count.

Please do all you can to encourage members to vote in the ballot and to vote ‘yes’ to the amalgamation.

Message from Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney