The Pay Increase

Delaying until the last possible moment before Westminster shut for the summer, Education Secretary Damian Hinds announced that some teachers will receive a pay increase of up to 3.5% this September.
It’s important that everyone understands what this means for our schools.

Here are the 3 things you need to know:

1. The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies confirmed that for 60% of teachers, this pay “increase” actually represents a real-terms pay cut. As a school community of parents, pupils and staff alike, we need to continue standing together with the teachers that teach our children.

2. The Treasury has not released any new money to fund this. That means the Department for Education will have to raid the needed £500m from other parts of education spending. Then schools will have to fund the rest from already stretched budgets. Until Chancellor Philip Hammond releases new school funding, the Government is robbing Peter to pay Paul — but both Peter and Paul are broke.

3. This won’t bring back the teachers and TAs our schools have already lost. We know schools lost 5,366 teachers in the last year while pupil numbers grew by 136,544*. As the school funding crisis deepens, this announcement does nothing to protect vital staff whose jobs are still on the line.

*Figures obtained from the Department for Education School Workforce Census 2017.

Musicians’ Union research

From NEU

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The MU, with whom we have a partnership and joint membership arrangement, is researching the challenges relating to access to music education, workforce fragmentation and contradictory government policy. There are four surveys, aimed at:

Teachers with a responsibility for music who work in schools.
Instrumental music teachers who work in music services, hubs or as independent teachers.
Managers of music services, music education hubs or other organisations that deliver music education to young people.
Head teachers of primary, secondary or special schools.
We encourage you to complete the surveys that are relevant to you here.

The confidential information collected will form the basis of a report and future advocacy.

Our schools have 5,366 fewer teachers

Logo for "School Cuts" campaign. Outline of black X cross on white background. Within the outline of the cross, the words "School Cuts" are printed in black on white.On Friday 29/06/2018 we found out that our schools have 5,366 fewer teachers in the last year. Meanwhile there are 136,544 more pupils.

Photo for "School Cuts" video publicity. Photo shows multi-ethnic classroom with pupils seated, writing at their tables. Main focus is on young black girl, wearing school uniform of grey jumper and grey shirt with red tie.. She has pink and pale blue pen in hand. The words "Volume On" are printed in white at the bottom of the image, referring to video sound.How could this happen in Britain?

Watch and share our film to hear from headteachers.

If enough parents see the facts on school funding, we can turn the tide and win the money our schools so desperately need. Please share this film.

Andrew Baisley
School Cuts Campaigner

PS. On Tuesday, MPs have a chance to question Damian Hinds. Write yours and make sure school funding is at the top of the agenda.


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London Councillors briefing – 3 July

On 3 July Kevin Courtney will be joining, Kiri Tunks, Martin Powell-Davies and over 80 London Councillors to discuss school funding and what councils can do to help us in this campaign.
We are in the process of looking to develop an NEU Councillor Network. If you know of Councillors that would be interested in signing up to hear more from us, they can sign up here.
If you would be interested in a Councillor event in your area, please get in touch via

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School Cuts Campaign – Petition

Message from Kevin Courtney to all members:

NEU logoDear all

Over the weekend, the School Cuts campaign launched a petition to support calls for local authorities and schools to have sufficient funds and resources to guarantee all pupils with SEND have access to education.

So far we have received 8,576 signatures and counting.

This petition was launched off the back of 39 local councils – supported by the NEU and School Cuts coalition partners – wrote to Damian Hinds to demand more money to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The publication of the letter received a great deal of attention from local and national media and also parents and other groups campaigning on this important issue.

Please do all you can to share this and encourage as many people as possible to sign it.

Thank you for all your help

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney signature.

NEU HQ briefing for London councillors 03/07/2018

From the NEU national eBulletin:

NEU Officers' ebulletin logo.

The NEU has organised a briefing to London councillors on school funding. This briefing will include information about how school funding works, the School Cuts campaign and how councillors can be involved. This initial meeting will be solely for London councillors to look at previous activity and future actions in the capital. But we hope that the event will be successful and can then be replicated in different regions.
The London event will take place on Tuesday 3rd July, from 6pm, at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD. Councillors should register their attendance here.


NEU Open letter on SEND

From the NEU eBulletin 18-019E:

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An open letter from 39 local councils, calling for more money to support pupils with SEND, was published on Monday. Aimed at Education Secretary Damian Hinds, and backed by the NEU and other unions within the School Cuts coalition, the letter will call for an immediate cash injection for SEND and a fair and sustainable system of funding for the future.
Teachers and support staff know there is a crisis in SEND funding, with councils struggling to deliver effective provision for these pupils because of lack of cash. Recently the Education Secretary promised an additional £50m for councils to fund SEND resources and school places. But this is not new money and it is nowhere near enough to address the crisis.
This unprecedented letter from councils around the country – with different political leadership – will be published on the NEU website and will be available on social media. Please look out for it and share it widely to keep the pressure on the Government to increase funding for schools and children with SEND.

Go to Letter

or read text of letter below Continue reading NEU Open letter on SEND

NEU submission to schools and colleges funding inquiry

From the NEU eBulletin:

Education Select Committee – NEU submission to schools and colleges funding inquiry
Like many organisations across education, the NEU is currently developing a national submission to the Education Select Committee’s inquiry into school and college funding. Teachers and school staff know the impacts funding cuts are having – rising class sizes, lack of resources, redundancies and narrowing of opportunities for pupils – but this is our opportunity to raise the issues in Parliament and to push for fair funding for all schools. You can enter your own submission to the inquiry here. The deadline for submissions is 30 May 2018.


New Deal for Education 12/05/2018 Demonstration

New Deal for Education 12/05/2018


Education is in crisis. Join the National Education Union (NEU) on Saturday 12 May in central London to demand an alternative.

Teachers, support staff and education professionals, as well as parents and supporters, will march together as part of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) national demonstration.

Schools are facing massive funding cuts, leading to the loss of teachers and support staff, rising class sizes and a lack of resources.

Excessive workload and tumbling pay have led to a recruitment and retention crisis. On top of this, pupils are being tested at ever-younger ages, and league tables are squeezing out creativity.

Our education system is failing our children – join us to demand a New Deal for Education.

Pledge to join the march by signing up here.

Assemble at Victoria Embankment between Hungerford Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge from 11am on Saturday 12 May.

Look out for our “Invest, Don’t Cut” inflatables.

March at noon towards Hyde Park.
Rally in Hyde Park, finishing at 4pm.
Follow @NEUnion for updates #TUCNewDeal.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Courtney & Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretaries NEU