NEU HQ briefing for London councillors 03/07/2018

From the NEU national eBulletin:

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The NEU has organised a briefing to London councillors on school funding. This briefing will include information about how school funding works, the School Cuts campaign and how councillors can be involved. This initial meeting will be solely for London councillors to look at previous activity and future actions in the capital. But we hope that the event will be successful and can then be replicated in different regions.
The London event will take place on Tuesday 3rd July, from 6pm, at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD. Councillors should register their attendance here.


NEU Open letter on SEND

From the NEU eBulletin 18-019E:

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An open letter from 39 local councils, calling for more money to support pupils with SEND, was published on Monday. Aimed at Education Secretary Damian Hinds, and backed by the NEU and other unions within the School Cuts coalition, the letter will call for an immediate cash injection for SEND and a fair and sustainable system of funding for the future.
Teachers and support staff know there is a crisis in SEND funding, with councils struggling to deliver effective provision for these pupils because of lack of cash. Recently the Education Secretary promised an additional £50m for councils to fund SEND resources and school places. But this is not new money and it is nowhere near enough to address the crisis.
This unprecedented letter from councils around the country – with different political leadership – will be published on the NEU website and will be available on social media. Please look out for it and share it widely to keep the pressure on the Government to increase funding for schools and children with SEND.

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NEU submission to schools and colleges funding inquiry

From the NEU eBulletin:

Education Select Committee – NEU submission to schools and colleges funding inquiry
Like many organisations across education, the NEU is currently developing a national submission to the Education Select Committee’s inquiry into school and college funding. Teachers and school staff know the impacts funding cuts are having – rising class sizes, lack of resources, redundancies and narrowing of opportunities for pupils – but this is our opportunity to raise the issues in Parliament and to push for fair funding for all schools. You can enter your own submission to the inquiry here. The deadline for submissions is 30 May 2018.


New Deal for Education 12/05/2018 Demonstration

New Deal for Education 12/05/2018


Education is in crisis. Join the National Education Union (NEU) on Saturday 12 May in central London to demand an alternative.

Teachers, support staff and education professionals, as well as parents and supporters, will march together as part of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) national demonstration.

Schools are facing massive funding cuts, leading to the loss of teachers and support staff, rising class sizes and a lack of resources.

Excessive workload and tumbling pay have led to a recruitment and retention crisis. On top of this, pupils are being tested at ever-younger ages, and league tables are squeezing out creativity.

Our education system is failing our children – join us to demand a New Deal for Education.

Pledge to join the march by signing up here.

Assemble at Victoria Embankment between Hungerford Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge from 11am on Saturday 12 May.

Look out for our “Invest, Don’t Cut” inflatables.

March at noon towards Hyde Park.
Rally in Hyde Park, finishing at 4pm.
Follow @NEUnion for updates #TUCNewDeal.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Courtney & Mary Bousted
Joint General Secretaries NEU

School Cuts Update

In January, Education Secretary Damian Hinds promised that every school would receive a cash increase. This week he dropped that guarantee.

At a time when 9 in 10 schools are facing funding cuts, everyone should be paying attention.

Watch the video. Share it to inform all the parents and school staff you know.

Education Secretary abandons promise to schools

On Wednesday, Education Secretary Damian Hinds dropped his guarantee that every school would receive a cash increase.Schools need proper funding now. Instead 9 in 10 still face cuts. Please SHARE this video to inform every parent you know. Find your school:

Gepostet von School Cuts am Freitag, 27. April 2018

School funding is in crisis and we must hold Damian Hinds to account at every turn.

Please share widely to make sure everyone knows the truth about what’s happening to schools.

Thank you,


School Cuts Campaigner

Academy heads are sceptical about academy freedoms

Message from Kevin Courtney:

On Thursday 19/04/2018, polling by the Sutton Trust revealed that academy heads are sceptical about academy freedoms. I described this as yet another devastating blow to the Government’s academy programme. The polling confirms that schools in England are being starved of cash and that academy status does not bring the benefits that Government claims. You can read our full statement here.

(Officers eBulletin 20/04/2018)

TUC Demonstration – A New Deal For Education: Saturday 12 May

Message from NEU Officers’ eBulletin

Join us on 12 May and march behind our massive new NEU ‘Invest. Don’t cut’ inflatables which will be getting their first outing.

We want to get a huge crowd of teachers, as well as parents and supporters, together to demand A New Deal For Education. This means schools which are properly funded and where staff are paid fairly for the hard work they do; schools where teachers are valued and trusted as professionals and where creativity is encouraged above teaching to the test.

The march will form up from 11am on Embankment before moving off at midday and ending with a rally in Hyde Park. Confirmed speakers include Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Kevin Courtney.

Please do all you can to encourage members from your area to attend this important and exciting event.

School Cuts

Message from the School Cuts campaign:

School Cuts logo. Cross symbolising "wrong answer" and words "school Cuts" printed inside cross.The Chancellor had another opportunity to announce emergency funding for schools in his spring statement this week.

Instead, he chose to do nothing, leaving school communities alone to deal with the biggest funding crisis in a generation.

With a new Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, and local elections looming across the country this May, the nation will be engaged in a national conversation about the state of our public services.

We must work to make sure the school funding crisis is front and centre in the media and with politicians at this time.

It’s time to step up the pressure, that’s why we’ve produced an Action Toolkit for campaigners.

At the General Election 2017, the force of our campaigning led 750,000 people to switch their vote because of school funding. It’s time to get organising again to bring this issue to the top of the agenda in our communities.

We need to create a noise so loud that no one can ignore what’s happening to our schools.

That means making a visible statement with window posters, leafleting our school gates, participating in the national banner action and holding community meetings.

With these actions big and small we can together ignite a scandal about school cuts in every corner of the country.

We mustn’t rest until every politician knows that there are millions of voters who are well informed and willing to use their votes and voices to fight for our children’s education.

In the toolkit you’ll find resources, order forms, signup sheets. 

Everything you’ll need to get organising in your community with more to come.

If you have any questions just reply to this email.

Thank you so much for all you do,

Andrew Baisley

Campaigner, School Cuts

The Budget and School Cuts

Message from NEU School Cuts Campaign:

Call your MP

This Wednesday will be a watershed moment for schools.

In two days Philip Hammond will present his national budget to Parliament. Crucially your MP can oppose this budget if it does not fairly fund all schools.

Your MP needs to know that constituents are paying attention to their vote.

Take a moment to call your MP today and tell them you’re watching.

Our simple tool will connect you to their constituency office in just one click.

Thank you again,

School Cuts Campaigner