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SATs Survey 2017

Notice from NUT:

We have published the results of our 2017 SATs survey and the report is available online. The survey revealed teachers and school leaders’ concerns surround the impact of primary assessment on the curriculum, especially for children with SEND or EAL, on teacher workload, and the knock on impact on staff retention and recruitment.

Please use this report to highlight with members that the DfE’s proposed reforms (including the reintroduction of baseline assessment) are insufficient and the proposed pace of change far too slow to deal with the impact of these real and pressing issues.

Primary Assessment Campaign Update

The Government said that owing to the chaos of the 2016 SATs data from these tests would not be used in isolation to make judgements on schools. There is evidence emerging that, despite assurances this would not be the case, schools and school leadership are being judged on the basis of these results alone (e.g. by the National College).

Please speak to teachers, in particular leadership members, and let us know what is happening in your area by emailing

Writing in the TES Kevin Courtney presented the case for reform and why baseline assessment does not provide the answer. The blog challenges the NAHT view that using baseline assessment to create a progress measure will take the pressure of the school accountability system off teachers and schools. Please share the blog.

All primary members and primary leadership members were emailed this week to ask them to take part in the primary assessment consultation by 22 June. Advice and guidance on responding to the consultation is available on the NUT website.

The More Than a Score campaign also emailed supporters to encourage them to take part. Guidance for parents on responding to the consultation is available on the More Than a Score website.

Over 2,300 primary teachers and school leaders took part in our 2017 SATs survey. Hundreds of members wrote in comments describing the experiences in their school. We will be publishing a report of the results next week to coincide with the end of the primary assessment consultation.

Primary Assessment: Consultation Deadline 22/06/2017

Although the general election is taking the headlines please remember that the Primary Assessment Consultation is still active. The consultation closes on 22/06/2017. Please act now if you have not yet done so.

From the NUT:

The pressure on children and schools from a broken system can’t go on. Teachers are adamant that the fiasco of primary assessment 2015/16 must not be repeated this year. Primary assessment is not fit for purpose. It is harming children’s learning and, in some cases, their well-being.

DfE primary assessment consultation
Following the chaos and confusion of 2016, the DfE has launched a consultation on the future of primary assessment.

You can read the NUT’s full response to the consultation here as a PDF.

Despite the general election this consultation remains open until 22nd June. It is important that as many teachers and school leaders as possible share their views and concerns with the DfE to ensure that the profession has a strong voice and stands up for the interests of all children.
Guidance for members on how to respond to the DfE’s consultation questions is available here.

Respond to the consultation here.

More Than a Score: The alternative for primary assessment
More Than a Score has launched its alternative for primary assessment.
This document explains in an easy and accessible way what we are campaigning for and the kind of change we need to see in our schools.

Use it to start a conversation about primary assessment.
To order copies of the More Than a Score alternative (produced as an A5 pamphlet) email with your name, contact details, and the number of copies required.

Kevin Courtney’s Message To NUT Conference

Kevin Courtney, NUT General Secretary
Address to NUT Annual Conference

The NUT’s campaigns will be given publicity during the pre-election period. The NUT will work with the ATL to ensure that teachers’ concerns are addressed.
Colleagues are urged to question all candidates for election under the Pre-Election Campaign title:

“Vote for Education”

Parents and teachers need to know what they are voting for.

Topics covered in the video include:
Funding – Opposition to School Cuts
Opposition to a Selective System
Teacher recruitment and retention
Oversized classes
Loss of subject choices
Children’s mental health
Teacher workload
Lesson planning
Ofsted myths
Work-life balance
Primary assessment
Exam factories
Child poverty
Social deprivation
Privatisation in the education system
National pay and conditions

NTA Newsletter

Subjects covered:NEWSLETTER Vector Letters Icon. Orange.

Let’s make this the election for education

Key issues:
• Funding
• Selection in schools
• Teacher workload
• Testing and assessment

Recent figures suggest that 40,000 primary children are in classes with more than 36 children and over 16,600 are in classes of over 40.

NTA General Meeting
Tuesday 9th May 2017
4.30pm to 6.00pm
East Ham Town Hall E6 2RP
SPEAKER: Andrew Baisley
Author of
Please make sure your school is represented

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More Than a Score: The Alternative for primary assessment launches next Wednesday 29/03/2017

The More Than a Score campaign will be launching its vision for primary assessment in Westminster on Wednesday (29 March), 6-8pm at Westminster Central Hall.  This is an important moment in the campaign and will aim to show MPs, teachers, school leaders and parents what we stand for, in addition to what we are against. Please encourage members to attend. Free tickets can be booked here.