Saturday 8/6/2019 Protest: Stop the massacre in Sudan A4 Poster for the emergency protest on Saturday 8/6/2019. Words printed in red and black on A4 white background.


Protest demonstration

Stop the massacre in Sudan

Saturday 8 June

London – 1-5pm

Trafalgar Square


A4 Poster
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Protest organised by the The Alliance of Sudanese Political Forces (ASPF), Sudanese Associations and Trade Unions (SATU) and the Sudanese Communities in the UK
Sudanese activists have called emergency protests in London and Dublin on 8 June after the Transitional Military Council sent troops to attack protest camps killing at least 35 people and injuring hundreds.

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Stop the massacre in Sudan: Emergency protests in Ireland and UK

NEU Newham has received the following information from MENA Solidarity Network.

Today – London – 5pm

Protest at the Sudanese Embassy

The Alliance of Sudanese Political Forces and the Coordinating Committee, Trade Unions and Communities in the UK and Ireland invites you to a peaceful protest outside the Sudanese embassy in London to condemn the massacre outside the Army General Command in Khartoum.

Venue: Sudanese Embassy, 3 Cleveland Row, St. James’s, London SW1A 1DD

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From MENA: Urgent action update: Sudanese military launch attack against the Khartoum sit-in, many dead and injured

NEU Newham received the following message from MENA at 09h47:

Rectangular image with the words "Urgent Action" in white letters on a red background.Urgent action update: Sudanese military launch attack against the Khartoum sit-in, many dead and injured


Sudanese military and militia forces are attacking the sit-in outside the Army Command in Khartoum, where thousands of protesters have gathered since 6 April to demand a peaceful transition to civilian rule, the Sudanese Professionals Association said in a statement this morning, killing and injuring many and setting tents on fire. The attack follows a general strike on 28 and 29 May after the Transitional Military Council refused to concede protesters’ call for a new sovereignty council composed of a majority of civilian members.
Solidarity is crucial – what you do in the next few hours will make a difference.

Take action now:
Email, fax or call the Sudanese Embassy. [Go here for contact details for the Sudanese embassy in London] today, condemning the attacks on peaceful protesters and demanding that the Transitional Military Council withdraws all troops and militia forces from the Khartoum sit-in and other protest sites.

Contact the foreign ministry of your government and your local member of parliament. Urge them to issue a statement condemning attacks on protesters and stating that they will hold Generals Burhan and Dagalo of the Transitional Military Council responsible for deaths and injuries to civilians.

Call on your government to stop all forms of cooperation with the TMC until those responsible for killing and injuring protesters are brought to justice.

Circulate this appeal to your trade union branch or campaign
Read and share our background briefing on the armed men who threaten Sudan’s peaceful revolution here

Read the MENA message online at

30/4/2019 – Christine Blower to participate in meeting on Bolivia

Bolivia, Evo Morales and the Transformation of a Nation.

Tuesday April 30, 6.30pm, Unite House, 128 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8TN.

With: Manuel Bueno (Bolivian trade unionist,) Dan Carden MP (Shadow International Development,) Christine Blower (former NUT General Secretary), short films and more. Register:

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NEU helps break the blockade – Instruments sent to Cuba

NEU helps break the blockade with thousands of instruments sent to Cuba

The first ever National Education Union conference took place in Liverpool in April, and delegates participated in three fantastic actions to show solidarity with the Cuban people against the US blockade.

While the US government was announcing measures to intensify the blockade, the UK’s largest teaching union hosted Maida Bisset Despaign, regional secretary of the Cuban teachers union in Santiago de Cuba, celebrated the sending of thousands of instruments to Cuban school children, and raised money for the campaign to end the blockade at a Cuban salsa night.

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Image shows a group of "Play for Cuba" supporters formally positioned for a group portrait and holding the "Play for Cuba" banner.

Give Palestinians back their childhoods

Message received from PSC:

“This is the message from teen resistance icon Ahed Tamimi, writing in the Independent,  who was herself in prison this time last year. There are currently over two hundred Palestinian children in Israeli jail, separated from their families, and denied their fundamental rights. This must change!

Join Ahed : Write to the Foreign Office

Each year Israel arrests and prosecutes around seven-hundred children as young as twelve years old. After being separated from their families, exposed to physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, the majority of children are coerced into signing confessions of throwing stones by Israeli interrogators – often in a language they do not understand. Very few children are granted access to a lawyer or allowed a family member present during interrogation.

Please take 3 simple actions to support us:

Learn more by reading our Child Prisoner Factsheet

Write to the Foreign Office

Sign our petition

If you are part of a local group or network that would like to arrange a film screening to raise awareness of this issue – such as the movie below – then please get in touch. We can provide materials  and speakers to make this easy. Please send us a message at:  ”