LESE Trades Union Councils

There are nearly 60 trades councils in the London, East & South East (LESE) region with new ones being formed; this is just a snapshot of some activities.
The relentless work offered by Trade Union Council members and supporters can never be underestimated.

LESE’s themed Trades Council Conference is held annually and promotes the voice of workers and the value of trade unions.

LESE Workers’ Memorial / May Day Events
* London Workers’ Memorial Day – Saturday 28 April 2018

* London May Day and Rally – Tuesday 1 May 2018

* Ipswich May Day Festival – Sunday 6 May 2018

* Southampton & S.W. Hampshire May Day – Monday 7 May 2018

Burston Strike School Rally (Sunday 2 September 2018)
Annual rally to celebrate the longest strike in history: Schoolchildren ‘went on strike’ in 1914 to support their teachers, sacked by the rural squirearchy for organising agricultural workers.

Inter-Union Agreement on School Support Staff Recruitment

Following discussions held under the auspices of the TUC, the NEU, UNISON, GMB and UNITE have reached agreement on how they will work together and organise in publicly funded schools.

The National Education Union recognise that the GMB, UNISON and UNITE are the only unions recognised for collective bargaining purposes within the NJC for Local Government Service and will not actively or knowingly recruit school support staff working in publicly funded schools or produce recruitment materials targeting these staff.
The National Education Union gives an assurance that it will not seek recognition and negotiating rights for support staff in publicly funded schools at local and national level.

The GMB Regional Organiser sent the following communication to Peter Smith, NEU Newham Divisional Secretary:
“I am fully aware that this is in line with your position as previously discussed and any NEU recruitment of support staff was not something which you sanctioned or approved. I look forward to continuing to work with you, for the foreseeable future.
In comradeship
Gordon White, Regional Organiser
GMB John Cope House, 152 Brent Street, Hendon, NW4 2DP ”

Inter-union letter from TUC
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