Report from Opposing Academies Meeting for parents and teachers of Avenue Primary School

Avenue Primary members held a very successful meeting Friday 13th October with many new parents responding to the parents’ action group’s leaflet attending. Ward councillor Salim Patel was one of three councillors there. Salim pledged full support and said that he will contact the parent governors and suggested that parents should demand that the parent governors leave Thursday’s governors meeting to show solidarity with the parents. The press are coming to that lobby and Stephen Timms MP will meet the parents in the first week of November. Parents have material and cardboard and paints and agreed to have a placard/banner making session on Saturday morning. A parent, LSA and a teacher took questions and answered in Bengali and Urdu.
After a successful school union group meeting the BIG MEET was a great meeting!

Comment from parent following “Opposing Academies” meeting 12/10/2017

‘As a parent and active campaigner I want to say one thing to all. It might look difficult but this campaign is not impossible as together we can and will make a difference. It is not just about me or my children but my community and my future generations to come. Let our silence be not taken as weakness.

When you look at the entire picture it Is not a very comforting sight and future but quite frightening at what the repercussions of these MATS and academies are.

Teachers and Union, we back you all the way and as one parent said it is not just about supporting and backing this fight but about any community any proposed Academy’.

Aysha Bakhi, Hallsville parent