Our union thanks Peter Smith

At the final Officers meeting of our current association year Peg Probett, president, presented Peter Smith with a decanter set, bottle of whisky, cheque and card on behalf of the membership. This was as a sincere thank you for the 25 years, as divisional secretary, he has dedicated to the support of individual members and to the terms and conditions of the membership as a whole. A membership which has grown steadily to become the largest division in London.
He has also received a letter of thanks from the General Secretary, Kevin Courtney and current national president, Louise Regan.
We wish him a long and happy future.

Deputation at the Egyptian embassy

The photo below is from the deputation at the Egyptian embassy Wednesday 24th. The European Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights chooses a particular country each year to highlight the issue. A letter was accepted by embassy officials on behalf of the ambassador.

Following the amazing victory in obtaining the release from prison of campaigning lawyer Mahienour and trade unionist Moatessem at their appeal on January 6th it was timely to focus on the thousands of lawyers who are incarcerated because they choose to represent trade unionist activists.

The protest was organised by Professor Bill Bowring, law lecturer, barrister at Field Court chambers and President of European Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights. Our union banner from Newham NUT was there as our union division is affiliated to MENA and Egypt Solidarity.

Deputation to Egyptian Embassy. NTA banner in front of embassy.
Deputation to Egyptian Embassy.

A number of strikers from Cumberland sent solidarity messages to the Egyptian activists Mahienour and Moatessem

Emergency NHS demonstration 03/02/2018

Message sent to the NEU Newham Secretary:

We’re very pleased to announce that the Daily Mirror & Sunday Mirror are the latest to come on board and officially back the emergency NHS demonstration next week.

Tens of thousands will march for our NHS next Saturday in an emergency demonstration called by The People’s Assembly & Health Campaigns Together. The demonstration will demand an end the winter crisis with a cash injection to restore the NHS budget and a commitment to increased funding each year.

Emergency Demonstration – NHS in Crisis: Fix it Now

Saturday 3 February, 12pm Gower Street London, March to Downing Street

Everyday from now until the demo they’ll be running stories on why the NHS demonstration is so important including interviews from the front line, details of the route and speakers, quotes from organisers, union representatives, celebs and more.

Why are you marching?
We’re asking for people to send in a short quote (under 100 words) about why they’re marching and what the NHS means to them – we’ll include a selection of quotes in the Mirror and use others on our website and on social media. Please also include a headshot of yourself in the email. Send these to: office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk

How you can help:

Invite your friends & share the Facebook event

If you want leaflets / posters you can download and print from our website,

Please email office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk to arrange this.

Pass this model motion

in your trade union branch, CLP or campaign group if you have a meeting before the weekend.

Other exclusive stories and interviews will also be run in the Morning Star newspaper who have always backed our demonstrations, protests and been central to the anti-austerity movement. Keep an eye on their website and paper for details.

In case you missed it:

“Blood on their hands”: NHS protesters shut down road outside Parliament targeting May, Hunt and Branson

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

The NEU Newham banner will be on this demonstration.

Campaign for a National Education Museum

In November I was asked by Hank and Jean Roberts, long-lasting friends, to attend the launch of the Campaign for a National Education Museum held at Hamilton House, NEU headquarters.

Initially I went there a little bit cautiously, wondering ‘would I like it’; fearful it would be frippery. It turned out to be very entertaining and very instructive. Chaired by Christine Blower with a pep-talk from Hank and contributions from people who have set up museums, it was fascinating in its content, scope and ambition.

It is very odd that Britain, a country fond of its museums, has never embraced one for the subject of education. Well now, there is a body campaigning to establish one. I have to stress that it will be a very long time a-coming. It is likely to take many years, if not a decade or so, before it becomes a reality: gargantuan fundraising and attraction of sponsors, getting exhibits and artefacts, purchasing or constructing a building, finding a good location, etc. will all be demanding projects. But at least there is now a group to get things started. Let us hope they prosper.

I asked the association in January to donate £100 towards the Campaign for a National Education Museum and this has been agreed: just a small token to show our support for this excellent initiative.

The mind boggles at what might be included in it. Having taught for over 4 decades I’m still not sure what education is, though I know what it isn’t. Certainly I believe teaching of itself in a minimising sense is not education.

Maybe if I’m still around when it opens, I might not approve of everything, but I still think education is deserving of a museum. It is overdue.

Best wishes,
Keith Turner (Minuting Secretary Newham NEU (until 6th February) and NEU Life Member)

If members or school groups would also wish to make donations, then write cheques out to National Education Museum and send them to:-
Ian Murch, NEU Treasurer, c/o Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD