PSC 2019 Fighting Fund Appeal

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Message from PSC:

Dear Friend,

A few weeks ago we launched our 2019 Fighting Fund Appeal. This year we are not only taking on the Government in the Supreme Court, but we’re also growing and expanding our wider campaigns for freedom, justice and equality in Palestine. Can you help us smash our minimum target of £60k in order to fund this?

Donate to the 2019 Fighting Fund

In January we received the fantastic news that we’d won the right to appeal to the Supreme Court against the judgement that made it legal for the Government to stop Local Government Pension Schemes from divesting from companies complicit in Israel’s violations of the rights of Palestinians.

Thanks to your amazing support, we have already raised over £45k so far. This is 75% of our minimum target of £60k. Can you help us to raise the rest and smash our target so that we can both fund our crucial court case but also sustain our wider campaigning? In the video below, PSC Patron Ken Loach explains why your support is so important.

UN Anti-Racism day 16 March

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From NEU website:

UN Anti-Racism day 16 March- it is vital that while the likes of Steve Bannon try to link up the far right, we build the links between anti-racists and anti-fascists across international borders. Demonstrations to be held in London, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Poster for national demonstration "United Against Racism & Fascism". Poster has the title printed in yellow on a black background. The date and time are Saturday 16th March 2019 at 12 noon in central London. These details are printed in blue on black. There is a photo of woman protester.

The back of the poster for the demonstration. The words "One world united against racism and fascism" are printed in white on purple. There are photos from a previous SUTR event.

For more information please visit here.

SUTR Leaflet
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Windrush: Impact into Action Briefing Update

Received from TUC LESE:

Windrush: Impact into Action Briefing Update is now accessible from the Serious About Solutions home page at

Feel free to share this communication with your links and anyone else who has an interest in the Windrush scandal.

Windrush Into Action Report
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Open letter in response to Windrush Into Action Report
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Please help the Sabbagh family to keep their home in East Jerusalem

Message from PSC:

Dear Friend,

Sheikh Jarrah

We need your help urgently to stop an eviction – please help the Sabbagh family to keep their home in East Jerusalem. Their neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah has been at the forefront of Israeli efforts to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Jerusalem.

Join us in writing to the Foreign Office to demand Israel stops illegal settlement expansion, and to protect the right of Palestinians to live in their capital city.

Send a message to the Foreign Office

The Sabbagh family were originally made refugees during the Nakba (Catastrophe) in 1948. Fleeing from Israeli militias, the family was awarded a home in then Jordanian controlled East Jerusalem. In 1967 Israel illegally annexed East Jerusalem, and has since made every effort to remove the Palestinian population and cut the city off from the rest of the West Bank.

Since 2008 the Sabbagh family has been battling a settler group in court over ownership of their property. The Israeli courts have unsurprisingly ruled in favour of the illegal settlers, and 45 members of the family are now facing forced eviction from their homes.

The case of the Sabbagh family is urgent, but by no means unique. Their plight is part of a systematic process to continue the Nakba and ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their land. But you can make a difference!

International pressure – from people like you – has prevented Israel from demolishing the West Bank village of Khan al-Ahmar. This is why it is so important for you to join us in sending a clear message  to the British Foreign Office to stand up for the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.

In solidarity,

James Tuite
Campaigns Officer

Join Runners for Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK

"Call for runners" poster. Date of run 10th March 2019. Image shows sihouettes of runners in black, yellow. orange and purple. The runners are placed on a background of silhouetted City buildings.

Join Runners for Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK


2019 starts off with the fantastic collaboration between Diaspora Marketing Solutions UK and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK.

The Vitality Big Half is taking place in London on Sunday 10 March 2019 – we still have a few charity places available!

For more info and to join our team of runners please contact Barbara Grillmaier on +44 20 3077 1231 or

Get in touch

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Support Labour Rights Activists in Iran

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Information from NEU:

Activists Esmail and Sepideh were first arrested in November 2018 for protesting the unpaid wages and poor working conditions of a sugar cane company in Iran. After speaking out, they were rearrested and have since been badly beaten with metal bars, restrained for long hours and intimidated with sexually abusive language. Join Amnesty International UK and demand the immediate release of Esmail and Sepideh today.



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Opposition is building to the Baseline Assessment which is due to be piloted for 4-year-olds this September. Campaign group More Than A Score (MTAS) has organised a Chalk Protest  to raise awareness of these absurd assessments, which are more about school and teacher accountability than supporting children’s learning.

To take part, just chalk the message Play Not Tests At 4 on a pavement or in a playground near you, take a photograph and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag More Than A Score: Twitter: @morethanscore; Facebook: @morethanascore

Meanwhile, the MTAS  petition against Baseline continues to gather signatures and has now passed 40,000. Members and parents are encouraged to sign it.New NEU footer. Replaces old NUT footer. New footer is a sky blue rectangle. At the left is the NEU circular logo printed in white letters. In the lower right corner the NEU web address is printed in white letters "".


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The petition , set up by head teachers in Gateshead and signed by thousands of NEU members, has been listed for debate in Parliament on 4 March. It would be great to see the petition – which has been signed more than 76,000 times – get to 100,000 signatures by the time of the debate.

We encourage you to contact your MP and urge them to speak in the debate, passing on real stories of the impact of cuts in their constituency. We are sending all MPs a model survey which they can send to head teachers to capture this information. The more teachers who contact MPs with their stories the better.

In recent days, Westminster Hall debates on funding cuts in Gloucestershire and Cheshire and SEND funding have seen politicians of all parties unite to highlight the scale of the crisis and to call for better funding, so now is a perfect time to keep up the pressure.

New NEU footer. Replaces old NUT footer. New footer is a sky blue rectangle. At the left is the NEU circular logo printed in white letters. In the lower right corner the NEU web address is printed in white letters "".