London Recruits Film – Robyn Slovo, acclaimed producer, joins the team

The following information is from The Morning Star newspaper:

“ACCLAIMED producer Robyn Slovo is joining the team to tell the “spellbinding” tale of the brave young Brits who helped topple apartheid, Welsh production company Barefoot Rascals announced yesterday.
The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy producer, whose father Joe led the South African Communist Party during the final years of white racist rule, has signed up as an executive on London Recruits, bringing their heroism to the big screen in 2018.
The volunteers, initially recruited in London from the Young Communist League or as students from the LSE by Ronnie Kasrils from the late 1960s onwards, risked their lives in undercover missions in apartheid South Africa.
Able to escape racist coppers’ attention because of their white skin, they let off “leaflet bombs”# and tape recordings on behalf of the ANC, buoying the morale of the anti-apartheid forces. Three were captured, tortured and imprisoned for their efforts.
Ms Slovo said she was “delighted” to be a part of the film.
“London Recruits is a spellbinding thriller of espionage, death-defying missions and bravery told for the first time,” she said.”

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# Newham NEU (NUT Section) changed original text from “letter bombs” to “leaflet bombs” to remove ambiguity and better reflect the intention of the London Recruits organisation.

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