Garment Workers’ Rights Event

Message from War On Want via the TUC:

War On Want logo. Black and white words saying "War On Want", written on red background.This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy where 1,100 Bangladeshi garment workers, mostly women, were killed when their factory building collapsed. They had been producing clothes for some of the UK’s high street fashion brands.

To mark this, War on Want is hosting a one-off panel discussion on Rana Plaza, the Bangladesh Safety Accord and key issues for garment workers’ rights.

Registration necessary. Join us.

Photo of Bangladeshi women and men holding banner and protesting.

Rana Plaza focused the world’s attention on the horrendous conditions of garment workers who were producing clothes for the likes of Gap, Topshop and Primark. Following Rana Plaza, the Bangladesh Safety Accord was put in place. It was the first binding agreement between fashion brands, trade unions and government to ensure that garment workers’ health and safety were secured in factories in Bangladesh.

This year, the Accord is up for renewal. Questions are being raised as to whether the Accord was able to achieve much needed improvements for garment workers in Bangladesh. Was it sufficient to ensure corporate accountability?

The panel discussion will try to address these questions. On the panel will be:

Stephen Russell (TUC) – who will share insights from his recent field visits to Bangladesh
Alessandra Mezzadri (SOAS Development Studies) – who will reflect on the global garment industry, corporate impunity and NGO complicity.