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Message from Mena Solidarity Network:

Middle East Solidarity Magazine Issue 9 front cover. Image shows the magazine name in red and black on white backgrough strip at top of cover. Below the magazine name is the main theme of this month's edition "Resisting The Kingdom Of Fear". This is in white lettering on a green background.Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 9
available from October 2018

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Middle East Solidarity Magazine Issue 9
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Cover story

Resisting the Kingdom of Fear:
The brutal rulers of Arabia have treated the country as their personal property for generations. Ameen Nemer assesses the state of resistance to Saudi rule.

Inside the military-academic complex
A special investigation in collaboration with Demilitarise Cambridge student group exposes the University of Cambridge’s complicity in war and repression across the Middle East

First person:
‘We just bring out what is human’
Lead actor in ‘The Jungle’. Ammar Haj Ahmad interviewed about his journey from Syria to the West End.

Arts and Culture:
‘The Jungle’ reviewed

Basra’s summer of discontent
The Iraqi port city of Basra has seen a major round of protests against corruption and lack of basic services

Promise of a dream?:
How Sisi’s real estate salesmen are luring UK universities to Egypt

University of Liverpool: activists hit back at new ‘partnership’

Leon Rocha reports on a campaign against whitewashing human rights abuses

News reports:
Mass protests greet conviction of Hirak activists in ‘judicial massacre’
What lies behind Trump’s attack on UNRWA’s support for Palestinians?
Freedom Flotilla stormed by Israeli Navy

Campaign reports:
Trade unionists launch campaign against IHRA antisemitism definition
Hunger strike exposes brutality of Bahraini prisons
Egyptian lawyer’s detention extended
Farcical mass trial brings more death sentences

Campaign guide:
Solidarity with Israa Al-Ghomgham; Demilitarise Cambridge

Back page:
Open letter: ‘We will speak out against Israel’s history of racism’