Khan al-Ahmar is facing imminent demolition

From PSC to NEU Newham:

Dear Friend,

The Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar is now facing imminent demolition. Last week Israel perversely issued an order for the 180 residents to destroy their own homes, with a deadline that passed on Sunday.

Tension is now running extremely high as Israeli bulldozers are poised to carry out the demolitions. Worryingly, it seems that UK company JCB Limited is potentially aiding this war crime against Palestinians.

Palestinians had submitted three petitions to save the West Bank village, all of which were rejected by the Supreme Court. Amnesty International have called the planned demolition a war crime, and stated:

“With this shameful and manifestly unlawful ruling the Supreme Court has confirmed a pattern of complicity in the crime of forcible transfer of Palestinian communities for the expansion of Jewish only settlements.”

– Saleh Higazi, Amnesty International

Now is the time for action! The British Government have joined the international community in condemning Israeli demolitions and illegal settlements – but this is not enough. Khan al-Ahmar is only one of 46 communities in central West Bank that Israel wants to forcibly transfer to make way for illegal Jewish-only settlements. Israel’s ethnic cleansing of this area is designed to fragment the West Bank and further cut Palestinians off from their capital – Jerusalem.

Write to the Foreign Office

Join us in demanding that Israel is held accountable. Send a message to the Foreign Office calling for the UK to ban business with illegal settlements and ensure UK companies do not profit from Israeli war crimes.

In solidarity,

PSC Campaigns Officer