PSC New Graphics Released

Message from PSC:

PSC have released “new graphics showing the parallels between state policies in apartheid-era South Africa and those of contemporary Israel towards Palestinians.”

Image showing an open book with "South Africa - Apartheid" as heading on one page and "Israel - Hafrada" as heading on the other page. The text below states the definition of Apartheid as "Separateness" and the definition of Hafrada as "Separation". Below the text is a photo of two towns, merged to give illusion of one town. The similarities of division between "white gated community/black township" and "Israeli settlement/Palestinian refugee camp" are highlighted.

“Israel’s policies toward Palestinians are often described in Hebrew as hafrada (“separation”), a word strikingly similar in meaning to the Afrikaans word apartheid (“separateness” or “apart-hood”).

Although there are substantive differences between the policies of the Israeli government and those of the apartheid regime in South Africa, a 2017 UNESCWA report found that Israeli policies and practices meet the legal definition of the “Crime of Apartheid” as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.”