Donate your coat.

Coats4Calais Poster. Features photo of a refugee wearing a warm coat and scarf. The words "Can you donate a coat to keep a refugee warm this winter?" printed in white on a red background under photo.
Over 3,000 refugees are currently sleeping rough in Northern France, and temperatures are rapidly dropping. Some as young as 13, with no access to clean clothes, water or shelter. So this holiday season our goal is to provide each and every one of these refugees with a warm winter coat. To do this we URGENTLY need your help.

We are asking everyone to look in your cupboards for a winter coat that you no longer wear.

Take a picture of yourself holding up this coat and post it on social media with a message such as:
“Show you @Care4Calais by donating a coat to a refugee this winter #Coats4Calais”
Donate your coat at your nearest drop off point – see here

If you don’t have a coat to donate you can buy a coat to keep a refugee warm all winter for just £25 here

Let’s keep people warm this winter!

To start a collection download a poster or leaflet here

and see here for more information