Take action today to support National Demonstration Against Racism & Fascism 16/03/2019

SUTR rectangular poster in landscape format, showing a large crowd of demonstrators. The words "National Demonstration: United Against Racism & Fascism" printed in yellow on black at top left of poster. THe woprds "Saturday 16th March UN Anti-Racism Day" printed in black on yellow at top right of poster. The location of the demo "London: Assemble 12 noon, Park Lane W1K1QA. Tube: Hyde Park Corner" printed in black on blue, at right hand side of poster.

TODAY: #WorldAgainstRacism day of action

Today is a big day for anti-racists!

Today two important strands of the anti-racist movement will be mobilising for the Stand Up To Racism demonstrations taking place this Saturday, 16 March, in London, Cardiff and Glasgow:
Love Music Hate Racism  will be launching their #BeautifulResistance campaign , where some of the world’s biggest music artists will be showing their support for unity over division.
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and its affiliated unions will be spreading a message of #Unions4Unity and #WorldAgainstRacism in support of the demonstrations.
The demonstrations are part of an international day of action , with events taking place across the globe from New York to Budapest.

Here’s how you can join the day of action today:
Can you do a “selfie” at college or at work supporting the demo?
Can you get a leafleting of your college/workplace/community?
Can you take a collection or donate to help fund the demo?
If you can take photos of what you do, tweet them and post them on social media tagging in @AntiRacismDay and use the hashtags #NoRacismNoFascism #Unions4Unity #WorldAgainstRacism #BeautifulResistance.

Selfie sign here
Collection sheet here
Donate button here

Good luck and let us know how you get on!