Say No To trump Demonstration

Message received from SUTR:

Stand Up To Racism will be in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday 4th June.
Join us South West corner Trafalgar Square from 10am.
Email us at
Demo starts 11am.
Organisations participating:

Together Against Trump
Political organisation

Global Justice Now
Non-profit organisation · Charitable organisation

National Union of Students
Non-profit organisation · Political organisation

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Political organisation · Non-profit organisation

Stop the War Coalition
Non-profit organisation · Political organisation · Community

Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK
Political organisation · Non-profit organisation · Lobbyist

Political organisation · Community group

Unite the union
Trade union

Trade union · Non-profit organisation · Labour & employment law solicitor

Stand Up To Trump

Campaign against Climate Change

Stand Up To Racism
Political organisation · Community · Cause

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Stop Trump

Owen Jones

Another Europe Is Possible
Political organisation

Labour Against Racism And Fascism
Political organisation