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Newham Teachers’ Association is affiliated to:
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Justice For Columbia
LMDOC May Day (London May Day Organising Committee)
MENA Solidarity Network (Middle East & North Africa Solidarity Network)
Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

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From NEU Newham (NUT Section) International Officer and the Egypt Solidarity initiative:

Header image from the Egypt Solidarity website. The words "Egypt Solidarity, An international initiative against repression in Egypt" written in black on white on left side of header. The symbol for Egypt Solidarity printed in black on white on the right side of the image.

Solidarity with Haitham Mohamedain
Trade unionists, MPs, writers and academics have launched a protest statement calling for the immediate release of Egyptian labour lawyer Haitham Mohamedain who was seized by the security forces from his home on 18 May. Haitham appeared in court the following day and was remanded in custody for 15 days to face interrogation on charges of “inciting protests over the price of Metro tickets”. His detention follows a wave of arrests in the wake of demonstrations against the sharp rise in fares on Cairo’s underground railways.

Speaking out for social justice is not crime. Add your name to the petition demanding Haitham’s immediate release and an end to repression in Egypt.
Sign the petition online at

Statement text: Freedom for Haitham Mohamedain – Stop the repression in Egypt
Early on Friday 18 May, Egyptian security forces stormed the house of labour lawyer and socialist activist Haitham Mohamedain, taking him away to an unknown destination. Haitham is a well-known defender of workers’ rights, and has worked tirelessly to support independent trade unionists facing state persecution for demanding better working conditions and the right to organise and strike. In addition, as Amnesty International notes, he “has been persecuted by the Egyptian authorities for his human rights work”, playing a crucial role in defending the El Nadeem Centre – which supports victims of torture and violence – from harassment and persecution by the authorities.

On Saturday 19 May, Haitham appeared in court and was remanded in custody for 15 days. According to reports from human rights activists in Egypt, he is being interrogated in relation to “incitement to protest over the price of Metro tickets.”

Some who allegedly protested over a recent abrupt rise in fares have been arrested and some subsequently released: others are still being held. It appears that Egypt’s security services have used the opportunity to seize Haitham Mohamedain: we believe that his arrest is designed, once again, to silence voices critical of the current military regime.

We are deeply concerned for Haitham’s well-being, given the well-documented pattern of abuse and torture of detainees by Egyptian security forces. We are appalled that anyone should face detention and prosecution on charges of speaking out for basic human rights. We call on the Egyptian authorities to release him immediately and unconditionally and for any charges against him to be dropped.

Further information on this case can be found on the Egypt Solidarity website at:


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Middle East Solidarity Network

Front cover of Middle East Solidarity Magazine Issue 8. Photo of woment protesters waving Palestinian flags. Cover shows the words "Jerusalem: whose capital?".Middle East Solidarity magazine issue 8
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Print copies £3 each or £20 for 10 (plus postage).
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Back issues available too.

MENA Magazines
MENA Magazines

All MENA Solidarity magazines are also available to download in pdf format on the MENA website. Or you can find them all together to read or download on Newham NEU here

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Campaign: Emergency Appeal

The Nobel-nominated BDS movement’s co-founder, Omar Barghouti, on why you should support PSC’s vital campaigns by donating to the urgent appeal.

In June of last year we took the government to the High Court and won an important victory throwing out regulations designed to stop Local councils from divesting their pension funds from companies supporting Israel’s illegal occupation. In early June, the Court of appeal overturned the ruling.

This has generated significant new legal costs that PSC must now pay. We will also be seeking the right to appeal at the Supreme Court, so that we can consider continuing the legal fight against the Government. Whether we can or not entirely depends on your support.

The need for a strong Palestine solidarity movement in the UK is more vital than ever. Please give what you can – whether it be £5, £10, or £100 – to support our work.

Please give as generously as you can.

PalestinE Solidarity Campaign
Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Campaign

Boycott Israeli Apartheid
BDS is people like you and me choosing not to do business with Israel until it respects Palestinians’ human rights and upholds international law.PSC poster. Boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) campaign.

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Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Play for Cuba – Musical Instrument Appeal The Cuba Solidarity Campaign, & Music Fund for Cuba, and the NEU-NUT Section are collecting instruments to support music education in Cuba. Music is hugely important in Cuba, but the US blockade has limited the availability of instruments and resources. You can help by donating new and used instruments to the appeal.

Click on the link for Collection Hubs for musical instruments.

Poster saying Join The Cuba Solidarity Campaign And Support Cuba

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Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Saturday 29 September, LONDON, NSC’S 40th anniversary. This will be our main celebration event and will include music, an exhibition, displays of solidarity materials, and a guest speaker from Nicaragua, speakers/panel discussion with those involved in different aspects of our work over the last four decades, Nicaraguan lunch and cake! Further details to be confirmed.

About Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group (NSCAG)

Trade union linking is carried out through a sister organisation, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group (NSCAG).NSCAG logo

NSCAG has worked with trade unions both in the UK and in Nicaragua since the time of the Revolution in 1979. Our work focuses on fostering and maintaining links of support and solidarity between trade unions in Nicaragua and the UK in order to share knowledge and experience, enhance mutual understanding and promote social and economic justice.

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Signpost indicating War and Peace
War and peace

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