Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival 2016, Dorset, Sunday 17/07/2016

Barking Dagenham and Havering TUC Coach Day Trip (coach leaves Dagenham Civic Centre 7.45am – returns 5.45pm) Deposit £5

Bookings Contact: Susan Aitouaz,

Croydon TUC Coach Day Trip (coach leaves Ruskin House, Croydon 8am – returns 9.45pm) Deposit £6

Bookings Contact: / 07941 890 75

The festival runs from 15/07/2016 to 17/07/2016 for those who are able to attend for the whole weekend. See:

Appeal from TUC:

Apart from Barking Dagenham and Havering TUC and Croydon TUC, if anyone has any other details on Self Organised Groups, Unions, Trades Councils and Community Groups hosting travel to Tolpuddle on the Saturday or Sunday throughout the region (London especially) please send updates to - thanks.
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. Picture of crowd. Thanks to for the use of their image.
Thanks to for the use of their images.

Refugee Poetry Competition – Timetable Change

Please note that the timetable for the “Refugees Are Welcome Poetry Competition” has been changed.

The new timetable can be downloaded here:
Download [▼]

If you have a copy of the original timetable don’t forget to replace it with the new version.

The word "Poetry" being written on blackboard.

New version = PDF document
Title = “Timetable for newham schools.pdf”
Reference “PP/REFCOMP2016/b” printed on document.

Old version = Word document
Title = “Refugees are welcome here timetable.doc”
Reference “PP/REFCOMP2016/a” printed on document

Building for the strike ballot remains the priority

We remain in dispute and building for the ballot remains the most important and urgent priority.

Nicky Morgan has said nothing to resolve our dispute. Real term cuts in funding will have major effects on schools and teachers, whether academy or maintained. They will further erode terms and conditions, increase workload and impede pay progression for teachers. As more schools become academies, the coverage of the national STPCD and Burgundy Book will narrow and these protections will gradually wither away.

We will ballot members in all schools and academies for “discontinuous” strike action, and intend to call a one-day strike in early July and to announce additional autumn term dates as well. The ballot opens on Monday 23 May and will close on Wednesday 22 June. We need a big turnout and a huge YES vote.

Education White Paper banner. Tell Nicky "No".
Vote Yes.

Members’ Meeting 12/05/2016 – Oppose The White Paper

NUT Members’ Meeting
17h00 to 18h30
Lister Room, East Ham Town Hall; Refreshments available.

View Map

Reserve your place: Attend Event

The climb down by Nicky Morgan and the Government does not mean the end of the Strike Ballot. Our pay and conditions, along with the future of education, are still threatened.

Our meeting on Thursday 12/05/2016 goes ahead as planned and your attendance is as vital as it was before.

Members’ briefing by Martin Powell-Davies, NUT London Regional Secretary.

We still need to build our strike ballot

Please make sure a member from your school attends to report back!

Kevin Courtney, NUT Deputy General Secretary says “Teachers: your pay & conditions are at risk.”

Why the Strike Ballot must continue Download [▼] – Correspondence between Kevin Courtney, NUT Deputy General Secretary, & Peter Smith, Divisional Secretary NTA Newham.

Hands holding word solidarity.

Further info:

A copy of Newham Refugee Poetry Book 2015/16 will be available for all attending, ready for the NTA’s Refugee Poetry Competition

The latest video, about the London Recruits book being turned into a film, will be on display.

(First posted 09/05/2016, updated 11/05/2016)

No to the Coup in Brazil 23/05/2016

No to the Coup in Brazil. Poster.
No to the Coup in Brazil. Poster.

EMERGENCY RALLY: No to the Coup in Brazil, Democracy SOS!

6pm, Monday May 23, Unite the Union, 128 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8TN

You can reserve a place here and invite friends on Facebook here

  • With: Nara Filippon, ‘Democracy for Brazil’ (Brazilians’ campaigning group in the UK) Brazilian Workers’ Party representative
  • Dr. Francisco Dominguez, Department for Latin American & Brazilian studies, Middlesex University
  • Tony Burke, Unite The Union Assistant General SecretaryLindsey German, Stop the War Coalition
  • Chair Jayne Fisher, Vice-Chair, SERTUC International Committee

Levellers’ Day Commemoration Saturday 14/05/2016

Taking place in Burford on Saturday 14 May 10.30 to 3.30

Levellers' Day 2016 Poster
Levellers’ Day 2016 Poster

10.30 outside Burford Church with the Commemoration given by the Revd Professor Mark Chapman

The Sea Green Singers will sing

Parade from the church to the Burford Recreation Ground (with Cry Havoc Morris) for stalls, refreshments, music, dancing.
The Debate: (Un)Civil Liberties, with

John Rees Stop the War Coalition and People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Adrian Arbib documentary photographer

Chair: Megan Dobney SERTUC

Pitches are available for non-commercial organisations whose aims are consonant with those of the Levellers Day Committee, £25


Info courtesy of my colleague Megan Dobney, Regional Secretary, Southern & Eastern Region TUC.

SERTUC is the TUC in London, the South East, and East of England.