People’s Assembly Demo 16/04/2016 – Report

It was a great March. Thanks to all NTA members who participated.

The NTA President, Amy Sharp, was present with another Lister member and other friends.

Many thanks to Vice-President Peg Probett and Membership Secretary Rick Probett who carried the NTA banner. They were assisted by Clive, another Newham member.

Owen Jones and John McDonnell were particularly inspiring at the demo.

Thanks to Clive, the choral director from Newham Music, for our featured pic (above).
Picture below supplied by Amy.
People's Assembly Demo 16/04/2016.
People’s Assembly Demo 16/04/2016.

Attention NUT Reps – School Funding Cuts

Only hours to go…

Response Deadline: 17th April 2016, 5pm

Alongside the White Paper, in London we still face the threat of a massive cut to school funding. In keeping with the government’s general contempt for democracy, the consultation on the introduction of a national funding formula closes shortly after the end of the Easter break.

The more responses we have the harder it will be for the government to ignore the effect on London schools.

NUT Reps are asked to give 5 minutes of their time to completing the online consultation.

A model response is provided below to help you.

Government online consultation on national funding formula

Model response Download [▼]

The response deadline is 17th April 2016, 5pm

( Thanks to Andrew Baisley, Camden Teachers Association, for information in this post.)

Posted 08/04/2016. Updated 13/04/2016. Updated 15/04/2016.

Petition against the proposal to force all schools to become academies

Word PetitionThere is a petition on the proposal to force all schools to become academies. Can you please sign it but more importantly forward the link to as many of your colleagues and friends so they can sign.

A second petition, also promoted by the NUT is at

(Posted 17/03/2016. Updated 24/03/2016)