Emergency Demonstration 23/03/2016 – Hands Off Our Schools – No Forced Academies

The NTA is proud to support this demonstration and calls on all members to join our banner on the march.

Urgent message from Martin Powell-Davies, Regional Secretary, London NUT

Dear Colleagues
You will not need me to explain the significance of the Government’s announcement that all schools are to be forced to become academies. The proposal has already provoked an angry response and a number of London NUT Associations have immediately initiated an emergency demonstration next week which we are fully supporting from the London NUT Region.

Emergency Demonstration – Hands Off Our Schools – No Forced Academies

Schools need more:
NOT ideology

Assemble: March 23rd, 5pm, Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Street SW1P 1QW

March to Department for Education

Map: http://bit.ly/academiesmarch
For a flyer to share on social media, upload via:

Please come to the demonstration and bring your colleagues and friends

Martin Powell-Davies
Regional Secretary, London NUT
NUT London Regional Office
90 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1PP
Office: 020 8477 1234
Office email: london@nut.org.uk
Twitter: @NUTLondonOffice

Refugee Competition

As a result of the ongoing refugee crisis Newham Teachers’ Association has decided to run our Refugee Week Schools Competition for 2016.

This competition is also being rolled out nationally through the NUT so that competitors in local associations have the opportunity not only to win and attend a local prize – giving but also to compete nationally.

Your Head Teacher will have received a letter with a participation slip for completion and return to Newham Teachers’ Association.

We encourage you to take part in the event.

A Refugee Competition page has been created on our website. Details for the completion can be found there.

If more convenient all documents relating to the competition can be found here.

(Note: For LKS2 & UKS2 Word docs, download and open them with Word. Opening in Google Documents does not display Word formatting correctly. Those 2 docs are also in pdf for those that wish to view in Google Documents.)